April 5, 2017 World Wine Synergy Editor

Western Living Names Casale del Giglio Petit Manseng 2015 the Coolest White Wine

Western Magazine Must Try Italian Wine

Our Petit Manseng 2015 wine from the Casale del Giglio Italian boutique winery has been named by Western Living Magazine ‘The Coolest White Wine’.

Here’s an excerpt from Neal McLennan’s article: 


Petit Manseng Casale Del Giglio World Wine Synergy Vancouver

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Let’s start with the cool factor. This wine is made of petit manseng, a grape so obscure that it makes vermentino look like pinot grigio (wine nerd simile). It’s grown primarily in that wine hotbed of Gascony and also the noble Jurancon region—which, insanely, is not even close to the Jura wine region. The berries are small with thick skins and produce very low yields, which means it sucks to farm. Now, take that grape and plant it in Lazio, the region that encompasses Rome where they’ve been growing grapes for millennia, but somehow never become famous for it. This isn’t just an odd pairing, this is like why-is-Hugh Jackman-married-to-his-62-year-old-manager peculiar. So on the obscure/cool factor we’re at an 11 out of 10.

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